Fiction Fixation

Dr. Scoundrel McConaughey (Movie Recap, The Wedding Planner)

June 29, 2022

In this episode we recap the 2001 movie The Wedding Planner, staring Jennifer Lopez and Mathew McConaughey. Rewatching early 2000 Rom-coms in your thirties just...hits different. We rant. A lot. Although Rose tends to ruin everything for Courtney, this time she ruined this for herself. It used to be one of her favorite romcoms and now she can't go five minutes without throwing her shoe at the screen. Join us in our rage, because therapy is expensive.

Hope you enjoy!

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Fiction fixation is a commentary podcast perfectly suited for lovers of fiction. It's meant to be light entertainment to anyone who has a love of romantic movies and novels (all sub-genres), improv comedy, reading books, binge watching movies, or just listening to two good friends banter and laugh.

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